4get Hotpot 唔记得打边炉 + CEO烧烤 BBQ

Despite their rather unconventional names, 4get Hotpot and CEO BBQ prove to be a worthy dining destination for those looking for fresh and tasty offerings. Located off the busy street of Jalan Kepong, the steamboat eatery and BBQ kiosk combo may be easily missed if one wouldn’t look hard enough (hint: it is situated next to Shell station, but they are moving to a new location next month) but a trip to this modest eatery unveils one of the most surprising dining experience by far. Update: New address as stated below.


Kicking off with CEO BBQ, Mr. Yeoh’s slurp-worthy venture into barbecuing started when he was grilling seafood for friends and family members at his own house. “We want our customers to be treated like a ‘boss’ instead of getting their hands messy while barbecuing the food. Hence the name CEO BBQ”, he explained.

DSC_2630While having someone else barbecuing the meat might take away the fun factor, it is reassuring to know that Yeoh is the man behind the stove. “One must know how to control the fire when cooking seafood”, he said.


True enough, premium item such as the French Crab was better left for Yeoh to handle as he proficiently cooked this prized crustacean with the right amount of heat resulting in a fresh and juicy tasting meat underneath its shell. Yeoh added that the crab was still alive before placing it on the cooking stove. “This way, our customers are assured of the freshest tasting seafood possible”, he smiled.


Apart from the freshness of its seafood stock, Yeoh is also hands-on in concocting his own barbecue sauce. Using the same base as Char Siew sauce, he tweaked the recipe to yield different flavours for its grilled seafood. “Sea salt is another good way to bring out the briny tang of the oysters. The only catch is that the oysters have to be very fresh for the salt to extract the natural taste of these clams”, he added.


Yeoh also uses chilli cheese sauce which has an interesting spicy cheesy taste for those with a stronger tastebud. Other flavourings include cheddar and mayonnaise sauce, fiery chilli padi sauce as well as garlic sauce. Depending on the stock, he will recommend to his customers the preferred sauce based on the quality of the seafood. “Some of the seafood are still fresh, but they are not briny enough to be cooked with just sea salt.


While Yeoh’s barbecue sauces deserve two thumbs up, the star of the show are definitely the seafood themselves. Apart from sourcing the best possible ingredients, offerings such as Pearl Lobster, Wild Tiger Prawn, French Crab, Salmon Fish, Jade Perch can definitely rival those of more higher end restaurants.  Even the lamb cutlets and lamb chops are sourced from New Zealand.


The menu at CEO BBQ is still work in progress as the items are not finalised yet. Even the price are due for revision but Yeoh assured us that it will still be relatively affordable.





Over at the main section of the eatery, 4get Hotpot will delight steamboat lovers with an impressive offerings of soup variants ranging from Asam Laksa (Half Pot – RM 7 / Full Pot – RM 14), Pork Bone Bak Kut Teh (RM 60 per claypot), Porridge (Half Pot – RM 5 / Claypot  – RM 15), Szechuan (Half Pot – RM 15 / Full Pot – RM 30), Herbal (Half Pot – RM 5 / Full Pot – RM 10), White Curry (Half Pot – RM 6 / Full Pot – RM 12), Clear Soup (FOC) and Tom Yum (FOC).

The signature Asam Laksa soup certainly stole the limelight with a delightful tasty broth that is reminiscent of those of Penang hawkers. According to Max, the owner of 4get Hotpot, using Pangkor Ikan Kembung yields a better sweetness than then usual mackerel. To get the natural sourish taste of the soup, Asam Gelugur is added during the cooking process.


The clear soup at 4get Hotpot also tasted different as compared to most other places as Max explained the inclusion of green radish to enhance the flavour of the broth.

4get Hotpot’s steamboat sets deserve rousing applauses with premium ingredients such as the 4get Hotpot Lobster Set (RM 49.90/pax), and the whopping 4get Hotpot Giant Lobster Set (RM 259.00/set). Others include 4get Hotpot River Prawn Set (RM 25.90/pax), 4get Hotpot Giant River Prawn Set (RM 36.90/pax), 4get Hotpot Abalone Set (RM 41.90/pax) and the 4get Hotpot Classic Set (RM 18.90/pax).


4get Hotpot echoes the importance of quality ingredients by sourcing their pork meat daily to ensure freshness. To add a variety of pork meat to choose from, the eatery offers slim (RM 12.90), medium (RM 11.90) and three layer pork (RM 13.90).


Max also got the assistance of his mother to hand wrap the dumplings (RM 7.90 small / RM 13.90 big). Using pork meat as the main filling, other ingredients such as mok yu (cloud ear fungus), carrots and spring onions are added to enhance the flavours.


Steamboat lovers can also try out the cutesy sounding ‘Chit Chit Pork’ (RM 8.90) which is primarily minced pork wrapped into a triangular shaped plastic wrapper ready to be squeezed out into wormy shaped meat.


Contrary to its name, 4get Hotpot offers an unforgettable dining experience that is bound to delight. Coupled with the grill-worthy CEO BBQ, it is easy to recommend these two spots for anyone that needs to satisfy their craving for great tasting food.

4get Hotpot 唔记得打边炉 + CEO烧烤 BBQ
No. 3 & 5, Block E
Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2
Taman Usahawan Kepong
52100 Kuala LumpurOpening Hours: 5:00 p.m. – 4:00 a.m.






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