Buns & Meat @ Lake Fields, Sg. Besi, Kuala Lumpur

Buns & Meat, a relatively new eatery situated at Lakefields, Sg. Besi is a blessing for those who have fondness for all things porky. Much like its moniker, Buns & Meat aptly describes its offerings with scores of gourmet pork burgers striding at the forefront and a handful of hot dogs, pasta, pork ribs and pizzas thrown into the mix.


The owner, Robin Lim, certainly knowns a thing or two about burgers as he spoke fondly of his two favourite burger joints; In-N-Out Burger in USA and Fergburger in New Zealand. Back at our local turf, Robin feels that there are an abundance of existing gourmet burger outlets around town and he did not want Buns & Meat to hop on the same bandwagon as well. “Our menu is different than others as we serve hotdogs, pasta, ribs and etc. Our offerings are also pork based”, he smiled exuberantly.


Kicking off the porky goodness is the Porkzilla (RM 59.90), a monstrous-sized burger loaded with three pork patties, roasted pork belly, pork char siew, pineapple slice, cheese, tomato, lettuce, poached egg and cheese sauce that will bound to thrill anyone that has a vigorous craving for pork meat. “The idea came about from combining our two best seller burgers together; Char Siew Pork Burger and Runny Mess”, Robin explained. While the thought of having a pork-laden burger may sound overkill, the individual elements were surprisingly well conceived with the savoury pork patty providing an interesting mix of flavours with the sweet char siew. The inclusion of a poached egg with its runny yolk slathering over the innards of the burger added a richer texture to every bite.


Robin also mentioned that the burger buns somewhat resembles French brioche with a underlying buttery taste. Much like Fergburger in New Zealand which produces their own burger buns, Buns & Meat shares the similar concept of using buns that are baked with tailored-made recipes. “Our patties are also made from scratch”, he added.

Buns & Meat inventiveness extends to its Hot Dog with Jalapenos BBQ Slaw (RM 16.90) using coleslaw, home made mustard sauce and jalapeño to give a rather refreshing flavour to the classic favourite. While the combination of these unlikely ingredients may raise an eyebrow of two, the end result was surprisingly pleasant.


Baste with their own concoction of barbecued flavour brown sauce, the BBQ Pork Ribs (RM 49.90) was truly a meaty feast with its wonderfully sweet and smoky taste slathering over the tender ribs. Robin said that the ribs are procured from a supplier who provides the best quality meat.


The Cripsy Roasted Pork Pizza, (RM 19.90), a fusion of our local favourite ‘Siew Yuk’ with Italian inspired baked dough will certainly win the hearts of many pork aficionados. The crispy roasted pork yielded a satisfying crunch at each bite. This will no doubt be a favourite among those who are looking to savour their favourite crunchy pork meat with an Italian twist. The pizza was also garnished with acar, further localising the pizza instead of the cheese toppings.


Robin has plans to expand his operation, with a positive outlook of opening more outlets to cater to the growing customer base. “Our home-made cakes and ice-cream are also well received among our customers”, he said. With a casual, cafe-like concept and a cozy dining ambiance, it is not difficult to see why Buns & Meat is great hang out place to unwind and indulge in some truly porky dining affair.



Buns & Meat
No. 72A Jalan Tasik Utama 7
Lake Fields Sg Besi
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-9055 3378


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