Tai Thong Group of Restaurants: Jade Perch, Barbecue Promotion & Black Temptations

Known for its exquisite offerings of Chinese dishes, Tai Thong group of restaurants are introducing a range of dishes for food lovers to indulge in a unique dining experience. Under their ‘Jade Perch Promotion’, Tai Thong is showcasing two highlights, namely Baked Jade Perch with Chilled Garlic Pickled Cucumber Sauce (RM 68.80) and Deep-fried Jade Perch with Tamarind Sauce (RM 68.80). With high natural levels of Omega-3 oil in its flesh, Jade Perch is the ideal choice of fish for Tai Thong to compliment their newest recipes. The Baked Jade Perch with Chilled Garlic Pickled Cucumber Sauce yields a delightfully sourish yet appetising taste, making up for the slight ‘oily taste’ of the flesh due to the rich Omega-3 content.  The Jade Perch Promotion runs from 1st May – 31st August 2015.

Jade Perch Promotion A5 FLYER

Those who literally fancy a ‘fiery’ fare should opt for the Flaming Beijing Duck served with Crispy Bun (RM 88.80). While the duck is served in a conventional way, the highlight comes from igniting the skin with fire, thus resulting in a crispier skin; a prized trait for such famous duck dish.

Tai Thong has also introduced two other dishes, namely Braised Triple Platter (RM 23.80) and Duet of Deep-fried “Shatin” Chicken and Smoked Duck with Chilled Jelly Fish (RM 23.80) under their Barbecue Promotion which runs from 1st July – 30th September 2015.

BBQ Promo_A5 flyer Pork Outlet

Dim Sum lovers can look forward to the forthcoming ‘Black Temptations’ series (1st August – 31st October 2015), which as the name implies, are offerings of dumplings, bun and jelly cake blended with powdered charcoal. The Pan-seared Dumplings with Fish Paste and Cheese (RM 11.80) was presented in the symbolic ‘yin and yang’ fashion, by pairing white with black dumplings in a contrasting manner. The ingredients are also venturesome, using an unlikely combination of fish paste and cheese for an unorthodox taste but ultimately, one that will bring a fresh experience for dim sum aficionados.

The Charcoal Bun with Durian and Salted Egg (RM 10.80) is another testament of the chef’s ingenuity of blending the right amount of custard flavour of durian with savoury taste of salted fish.

While the Glutinous Dumplings with Sesame Paste (RM 8.80) may not score much in terms of its appearance, the taste is undeniably a crowd favourite. Think of it as the Asian interpretation of Molten Lava Cake, albeit with a darker colour where a thick fluid of black sesame paste will ooze out upon taking the first bite, delighting the tastebud with a pleasant sweetness.

Presented with stripes of chocolate and black hues, the Chilled Coffee Flavoured Jelly Cake (RM 7.80) will bound to be a hit among those that like to eat jelly with a modern twist.


For more information Tai Thong current and forthcoming promotions, click on the following link here for more details.


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