Doiffee @ Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur

With scores of cafes sprouting around town, we are seeing an ‘oh-so-familiar’ trend of minimalist theme with exposed bricks and industrial fixtures. Doiffee however, sets itself apart by putting in a lot of little rustic touches in making its ambiance distinctively reinvigorating. The first thing that most customers would notice is the faux fireplace located near the entrance; a refreshing take on making its setting more unique. Antique radio, wooden clock, cups of various sizes and shapes, an old magnifying glass at the ordering counter and many more visual candies are littered around the cafe for customers to appreciate. “The whole idea started with my father as he always wanted to open up a cafe,” Lionel Ho said.



A combination from the word ‘Doi’ which means mountain in Thai and ‘coffee’, Doiffee certainly lives up to their name by featuring Singapore roaster’s Highlander Coffee (a blend of Brazilian, Colombian, Ethiopian & Sumatran) and Caribbean; single origin Cuban beans that are roasted in France. Doiffee’s Popcorn Latte (RM 11.00) was a good showcase of its Highlander Coffee, competently crafted by barista Sing Thong that yielded a surprisingly smooth body without having a cloying sweetness.


For those who doesn’t like their coffee to have a bitter taste, Doiffee’s Cappuccino (RM 9.00) may very well suit their preference with a hint of dark cocoa flavour blended using their Caribbean beans.


Non-coffee drinkers could opt for their Hot Chocolate (RM 11.00) which according to Lionel is mixed using several types of dark chocolate from France, Swiss and Belgium with a pleasing bitter taste.


Doiffee also features their version of Affogato (RM 13.00) using the award winning Kapiti ice-cream from New Zealand that paired well with their espresso coffee.


Fancy something cold? Doiffee’s Iced Latte (RM 11.00) and Ice Americano (RM 8.00) are chilled with a special type of shaved ice that doesn’t dilute the taste as it melts.



While their food menu is still in a work-in-progress stage, Lionel’ mother is already whipping out a slew of praiseworthy Thai-influenced dishes starting with her Homemade Papaya Salad (RM 10.00) and Mango Salad (RM 10.00). Both version of her salads came with a crunchy texture evidently from the use of premium papaya and mango while the inclusion of cili padi led to an unforgettable spicy aftertaste that lingers in the mouth. Customers are given a choice to specify the level of spiciness too based on their preference.



The Mango Sticky Rice (RM 11.00) was a welcome addition to Doiffee’s repertoire with fragrant glutinous rice topped with a dollop of sweet coconut milk.


Doiffee’s Summer Salad (RM 13.00) came with an assortment of healthy greens (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, carrots, kaffir lime leaves, pomegranate and alfalfa) packed neatly inside a plastic container with an option for either ‘Refreshing’ or ‘Oriental’ dressing. Kudos to Lionel’s mother for making the ‘Refreshing’ dressing sauce so tasty with a unique combination of sweet, sour and spicy flavour.



Customers will also bound to catch a glimpse of the beautiful koi-fish shaped jelly (RM 10.00) made with coffee and milk inside the cake counter. Taste wise, expect it to have a nice bitter sweet flavour.


The Emerald Jelly (RM 5.00/4 pcs) were also attractively presented with a rich taste of pandan and egg.


As for now, Doiffee’s menu offers two types of mains starting with the light-tasting Drunken Seafood Spaghetti (RM 18.00) stir-fried with red wine and an assortment of seafood. Ingredients wise, Doiffee is generous enough to throw in scallops, fresh tasting prawns and squid with slices of bird eye chili to give it a hint of spiciness.


Kerabu Chicken Spaghetti (RM 13.00) was cooked with basil, kaffir and mint leaves giving the dish a fresh taste of savoury herbs mixed with diced chicken.


According to Lionel, there will be more items in the menu (mostly Western inspired dishes) in the forthcoming months. But as of now, the Doiffee has clearly distinguish itself with its unique offerings that are not found in most conventional cafes.


No. 10A, Jalan Desa Jaya
Taman Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-639 0405

Business Hours: Mon – Sun: 12:00 – 22:30





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