QQ Noodle House @ Subang Jaya

Offering an assorted range of slurp-worthy noodles, QQ Noodle House is a newly opened restaurant situated at the busy commercial district of SS 15, Subang. As it name implies, QQ Noodle House prides on serving noodles that have a firm bite and spring-like texture, a tell tale sign of its freshness and quality. “We use premium flour to produce the desired texture and tenderness of the noodles’ strands,” Liz Tan, owner of QQ Noodle House explained.


QQ Noodle House’s menu offers a variety of all-time favourites such as Dry Chili Pan Mee, Prawn Mee, Fish Head Noodles and etc. Liz also pointed out that in order to maintain the freshness of the noodles, her kitchen only makes a limited quantity everyday. “If our supply finished before the end of the day, we would inform our customers,” she explained. The stomach-filling Fried Fish Head Mee Hoon (RM 11.90) came with an assortment of ingredients such as fried fish, tofu, tomatoes and salted vegetables. The soup was cooked with evaporated milk and came with a good balance of savoury and tangy flavour.



Equally noteworthy was the Traditional Pan Mee Soup (RM 6.90) served with dried anchovies, minced pork, mushrooms, and a leafy vegetable. Customers can also choose between thin flat, thick or hand torn dough. The noodles itself have a nice soft and springy consistency; two attributes which aptly fit its restaurant’s name. Liz also recommended eating the bowl of pan mee with her home made belacan paste chill sauce.



QQ Noodle House’s signature Dried Traditional Pan Mee (RM 6.90) did not disappoint either as the combination of the poached egg added a layer of creaminess to the noodles. The chili flakes was fragrant, mildly spicy and complimented the rest of the ingredients pretty well. The restaurant offers a free flow of chili where customers can add in as much dried chilli flakes as they like to suit their taste.


QQ Noodle house also features their Super Hot Chili Flakes which came with wicked fiery taste. Not for the faint hearted, the chili flakes are meant to be consumed in a small quantity as it have an incredibly hot and burning aftertaste.


Those who prefer their pan mee cooked with a different style could opt for their Piquant Mustard Pork Pan Mee (RM 7.90) or QQ Noodle House’s own rendition of Tomyam Seafood Mee Hoon (RM 10.90).



While noodles are definitely the star attraction at this restaurant, Liz also went the extra mile to ensure that the side dishes were equally good. The Fried Prawn Roll (RM 5.00) was deep fried with a nice crunchy texture making it a pleasing snack to munch on.


The Fish Cakes (RM 6.50) were sourced from a supplier at Ulu Yam, a recommended item to order with its pleasing bouncy and dense meat texture.


As with most noodle shops, QQ Noodle House also offers their Chef’s Special Soup Dumpling (RM 6.50).


As for dessert, QQ Noodle House’s ABC (RM 4.90) and Cendol Red Bean Ice (RM 3.90) were the perfect way to cool down the body especially after consuming a bowl of fiery hot bowl of noodles.



With a variety of noodles in their menu, QQ Noodle House could potentially be a one-stop restaurant that specialises in our local fares. Price wise, the menu is reasonable priced while their free flow home made super hot chili flakes will leave a rousing impression on one’s tastebud.


QQ Noodle House
No. 64, Jalan SS 15/4D
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 012-245 8128

Business Hour: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. daily

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qqnoodleshouse


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