Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant @ PV128, Setapak

Combining the use of charcoal with quality steamboat offerings, Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant ingeniously set itself apart from its peers by incorporating healthful elements in cooking steamboat. Founded by Mia Leow and Pete Hor, the restaurant blends high-grade bamboo charcoal that are grated into nano-sized particles with their steamboat ingredients. “We have done extensive research on bamboo charcoal and found that it has a high absorptive capacity which helps inhibit harmful microbes in our digestive system. That is why our meatballs contains charcoal powder as it gives a unique flavour that is both tasty and nutritious at the same time,” she said.


Mia added that although the cost is higher, the restaurant uses certified food-grade charcoal powder that are imported from Japan as she is mindful about quality when it comes to food consumption,” she affirmed. One of the specialty dishes at Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant is called ‘Fire Diamond’ (RM 10.80), which are basically meatballs made with a mixture of minced pork and bamboo charcoal powder. “Using charcoal powder gives the meatball a unique taste and nutrimental attributes. We also filled the innards with Ebiko (hence the name Fire Diamond due to its shimmering red-orange color) which has a crunchy texture to contrast the chewy meat,” she said.


The restaurant also flexed their creativity by combining sliced ‘Cili Padi’ with minced pork. Although the ‘Mars Balls’ (RM 9.80) may look fiery hot with stubs on bird’s eye chili inside the meatballs, the spiciness level was somewhat reduce once cooked with the soup. “We also added chili sauce inside the balls to give it an extra zing,” she said.


Speaking of soup, Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant’s signature Pork Bone Soup (RM 12.00 – Full Pot / RM 6.00 – Half Pot) was flavoursome, a tell-tale sign that an abundance of ingredients was used during the cooking process. Other soups such as Chinese Herbal Soup, Si Chuan Spicy Soup, Japanese Miso Soup and Thai Tom Yum Soup are also available on specific days. “We do not want to prepare too many different types of soup in a single day for quality control purposes,” she added


The restaurant uses high grade hexagon-shaped charcoals for boiling its soup. These briquette charcoals differ from the conventional ones as they are odourless, smokeless and chemical-free. “Charcoal tends to heat up the cooking pot gradually as compared to gas or electrical stove which in turn helps to preserve the flavours and nutrients in the food,” she added.




Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant also features other types of meatballs such as the aromatic Fried Onion Ball (RM 8.90) and Mushroom Ball (RM RM 8.90) that were equally praiseworthy.



The restaurant also offers a range of seafood with imported scallops (RM 25.90) and half shell scallops (RM 16.90) being the highlights in the menu with its pleasurable briny taste.



A popular trend at most hotpot restaurants, meat paste served in a container is making waves around town but Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant strives to be different by using squid paste (RM 8.90) instead.


Overall, the rest of the ingredients fared very well as Mia carefully hand-picked her supplies to ensure top-notch quality.





The restaurant also offers steamboat set ranging from RM 33.90 – RM 53.60 depending on the types of ingredients that are put together. Mia pointed out that she rather give a good choice of ingredients rather than throwing in ‘a lot of vegetables and noodles’.


Recognising the health benefits of charcoal bamboo, the restaurant also sells charcoal water (RM 1.50 / glass) that is purified in a large water container containing slabs of bamboo charcoal. “Bamboo charcoal helps sterilised drinking water by removing residual chlorine and chlorides,” she explained.


Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant also serves beer in classic oriental bowls. It certainly evokes a rustic touch similar to what we seen in those Chinese martial art movies.


The restaurant also features a sauce bar with a plethora of ingredients such as Thai chill sauce, parsley, fried garlic, Taiwanese Sha-Cha, chill powder, crushed peanuts, sesame oil and etc for customers to concoct their own dipping sauce. Overall, Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant is a great place to experience a fresh concept in steamboat cooking. With its affirmation on using quality ingredients infused with medicinal properties of bamboo charcoal, the restaurant will bound to warrant repeated visits among steamboat lovers.



Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant
PV128, 1st Floor, Jalan Genting Kelang
53300 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours: 5:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. (Closed on every Thursday except Public Holidays)

Tel: 016-2061930 / 016-6513643


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