B.bap @ Nu Sentral

Ushering popular Korean fares to our shores, B.bap is a welcome addition to Nu Sentral, a newly opened mall located right at the heart of KL Sentral. Offering a quick-service concept, the restaurant is an ideal stop for fleet-footed travellers and white-collar workers that are looking for a quick meal at this bustling transit hub.


B.bap signature’s Bibimbap, a popular Korean dish consisting of warm white rice topped with sautéed vegetables and soy sauce was served with an assortment of side dishes known as ‘Banchan’ to complete the wholesome meal.


The rice came with a choice of either ‘Gochujan’, an in-house B.bap blend of chilli paste which stole the limelight with its zestful taste or sesame soy sauce for those who prefer a more savoury flavour.


“Tradtionally, Bibimbap is a homely dish where leftover vegetables and meat are mixed together with white rice. Here, we are serving it in a more premium manner with freshly seasoned vegetables and a choice of either Bulgogi Chicken (RM 16.00), Bulgogi Beef (RM 17.00), Squid (RM 17.00), Octopus (RM 18.00) or Vegetables & Tofu (RM 16.00) topped with a runny egg,” Yvonne Loh, who is overseeing the operation at B.bap explained.


While Kimchi seems to be the mainstay, the rest of the side dishes such as fried anchovies and pickled cucumbers are interchanged on a regular basis. “We want to give a sense of variety for our customers,” she added.


The well-loved Deng Jang Jjigae (RM 17.00) was cooked with tofu, kelp, anchovies and onions accompanied with a bowl of short grain rice. The dish was pleasingly light tasting with prawns and clams adding flavour to the stew.


A crowd’s favourite, the Yang Nyeom Chicken (9.50) is essentially Korean version of fried chicken stir fried with chill paste that yields a mix of savoury and spicy flavour. The skin has a nice crunchy texture, presumably from deep frying the meat at a high temperature. Recommended.


Similar to our local Pan Mee, the Su Jae Bi (RM 15.00) was made up of handmade noodles cooked with clear soup. The soup was flavoursome with a sumptuous taste of seaweed that are boiled together with seafood stock.


Texture wise, the wafer-thin noodle was soft with a nice doughy-like consistency. “We knead the dough by hand until it is really thin before tearing it into bite sized-pieces to cook with the soup,” she said.


Literally means ‘seaweed rice’, Kim Bap (RM 9.90) is basically Korean rice roll filled with vegetables, seafood or meat. Similar to sushi, Kim Bap uses dried seaweed sheets to roll the white rice. The filling comprised of crab meat stick, egg, cucumbers, carrots and pickled radish. If you love sushi, chances are you will love kimbap too.


One should not miss out on their Red Bean Fruit Bingsu (RM 8.50), a refreshing shaved ice dessert topped with chopped fruits, condensed milk, fruit syrup and red bean paste.


According to Yvonne, B.bap has already mapped out its expansion plans with two other outlets opening in the near future. Drawing an exciting outlook for Korean food lovers, the restaurant is already tinkering with new dishes such as Korean Style Ginseng Chicken and other healthful fares.


GF08 Nu Sentral
201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2856 9719

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/B.bap.my/timeline


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