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An oasis for great-tasting authentic Indian cuisine, Asian Rice Pot has flourished over the years thanks to its steady stream of regular customers that have been flocking this simple yet cheerful eatery at Kelana Jaya. “We employ our chefs from India since they are the best people to cook authentic Indian cuisine,” Avilin Fernandez, proprietor of Asian Rice Pot explained. Having been in existence for over seven years, Asian Rice Pot thrives on offering delicious food at a wallet-friendly price. Their set meal combo (RM 14.90) is available throughout the day with two selections of meat and three choices of vegetables.


With over twenty vegetables to choose from, the choices are plentiful to keep her regular frequenters happy. According to Avilin, more than two-thirds of her customers are her good friends and she allows them to choose any meat they like for the same price. “Whether it is fried chicken, fish or mutton, the set meal costs the same,” she explained.




Both Kashmir Mutton and Chicken Peratal are their house specialities with a generous mix of spices that tantalises the tastebud. “Our mutton are cooked using pressure cooker and later with slow-fire to ensure that the meat are tenderised,” she added. The Chicken Peratal has a punchy flavour with a rich taste of spices infused into the meat that will leave anyone craving for more.



A popular item in their menu, Asian Rice Pot’s Briyani Rice Set (Mutton/Prawns RM 12.90, Chicken/Fish RM 10.90) comes with two side dishes (acar and raita). The rice was served inside a claypot for an added touch of authenticity with fragrance and spices that are flavoursome enough to be an inviting flair on a platter.



If variety is the spice of life, Asian Rice Pot is a no stranger to liven things up with its interchanging dishes on a regular basis. The mouth-watering morsels of ingredients in the Asam Seafood (RM 7.00) is available on certain days featuring an assortment of fresh catch including prawns and squid. The accompanied asam sauce was lightly spread over the dish, thus retaining some of meat’s deep fried texture instead of being overly drenched by the piquant tasting sauce.


The Mutton Fried Rice (RM 8.00) was praiseworthy with every mouthful of rice and mutton bursting with taste.


Avilin also encourages her customer to try her Tosai Tisu (RM 2.00) where the accompanied chutney was prepared with a special blend of recipe.


Asian Rice Pot’s Cow Milk Brew Coffee (RM 4.00) was served inside a small metal cup with part of the coffee spilling over to a wide metal saucer underneath. The frothy brew was incredibly smooth with a vivid flavour that quickly yielded a commending impression.


Their refreshing Mango Lassi (RM 6.00) was also a good way to hydrate after a hearty meal.


It is astonishing to learn that the business at Asian Rice Pot has thrived merely through word-of-mouth, a testament of its popularity. Avilin also mentioned that she remembers most of her customers’ name by heart as they patronise her restaurant regularly. “We have grown to become friends over the years since we know each other so well,” she smiled. With its tagline “Enjoy great food at fair prices,” Asian Rice Pot come across as an easy recommendation that will bound to please just about any authentic Indian food lovers out there.


Asian Rice Pot
11, Jalan SS 5A/11
Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 03-7874 6911


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