Simply d @ Nu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Offering a fuss-free casual dining experience, Simply d is bringing forth a twist to day-to-day dishes with a zest of new flavours. With an interesting ‘mix-and-match’ concept, the eatery will bound to thrill diners with seemingly endless combinations of noodles such as linguine, angel hair, soba and flat white noodles cooked with different styles ranging from the conventional Carbonara and Aglio Olio to the more innovatory Dry Salted Egg Pumpkin, Beef Short Ribs Herbal Soup and Chilli Chicken “Pastamee”.


An offspring of the well-known Delicious Group, Simply D is a contrast to its bigger brother with a funkier interior design that fused a cafe style concept with some of the more unconventional elements such as the bohemian inspired tiles and the unmistakably bright orange and blue theme.


While the menu may seem rather complicated at first, everything seems to fall into place once the idea of its mix-and-match concept is given a run-down by their friendly crew. Essentially, placing an order involves three simple steps from choosing a style of cooking, a choice of noodles and finally add-ons if one feel like topping up with extra ingredients. While combining a Vietnamese Salmon Pho with say, Yellow Mee may sounds rather unorthodox, the menu has a guide that indicates which noodle or pasta should be paired with a particular cooking style. Those who are in for a more adventurous eating experience can always opt for offbeat combinations such as the aforementioned.

The Salted Egg Pumpkin cooked with Fusilli (RM 12.00) and topped with a Tea Egg (RM 1.20) was an unusual marriage of ingredients yet induces appetite from its tantalising looking bowl of offering.


A contrary to its quick service concept, the ingredient-driven pasta was meticulously prepared with a plethora of elements thrown into the mix such as salted egg, mashed pumpkins, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, garlic, balsamic vinegar and three types of mushrooms (shitake, oysters and button mushrooms).


The pan-mee inspired Chilli Chicken “Pastamee” (RM 13.00) was a blend of our local favourite with linguine that proved to be fusion that worked very well. Ingredients such as minced chicken, dried mushrooms, anchovies and a big dollop of sambal belacan (that has a mild spicy taste) gave flavour to the dish. The inclusion of a sunny side up was a bonus which addded creaminess to the overall texture of the pasta. Overall, it is an interesting interpretation of the Malaysian cuisine that is bound to leave a favourable impression on one’s tastebud.


Simply d’ LAKSA with Chargrilled Chicken (RM 12.00) own rendition of Sarawak Curry Laksa may lack of the punchy coconut fragrant but it still held up well with a rich flavour of dry shrimps and crunchy-fresh vegetables. Similar to the Chilli Chicken “Pastamee,” the sambal belacan has a mild piquant flavour that will appeal to those who can’t take anything spicy.



Simply d’s menu extends beyond to just noodles and pasta. With a homemade 100% beef patty burger infused with herbs, Simply d’s Beef Burger (RM 13.00) was neatly prepared with cheese, lettuce, caramelised onions and brioche buns. The burger is also made-to-order where the patty is grilled once the customer placed an order.


Serving the burger with our local tapioca chips was also an interesting idea which seems to augur well with Simply d’s fun and creative approach for its dishes.


Using the similar ‘mix-and-match’ approach, beverages came with a choice of either Iced Tea (RM 6.00 – regular / RM 8.00 – large), Lemonade (RM 6.00 – regular / RM 8.00 – large) or Iced-blended (RM 7.00 – regular / RM 9.00 – large) with five refreshing flavours to choose from namely Peach Tangerine, Thai Mango Lychee, Green Apple, Red Berry and Classic Lemon Blast.




Caffeine lover can also check out their Iced Blended Mocha (RM 12.50 – regular / RM 13.50 – large) too.


With an emphasis for quick service, Simply d is targeting customers who are looking for a quick meal that are cooked with fresh ingredients in numerous varieties. The first Simply d opened in July 2014 at the bustling Nu Sentral, a landmark hub servicing travellers zipping their way through KL Sentral and the many office workers in the Sentral area. Three more Simply d outlets are expected to open by the end of 2014.


Note: Simply d is also having an irresistible deal on every Monday where customers can ‘pay anything you want’ for a cup of 8oz coffee starting from just 10 cents!

Simply d
Nu Sentral, Lot G9, No. 201, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour: 8:00 a.m.- 10:00 p.m. (daily)

Tel: 03-9221 8266 Ext 212



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