Haru Japanese Restaurant @ Jalan Kasah, Kuala Lumpur

Haru Japanese Restaurant is a welcome addition to the distinctly vibrant food and beverage locale at Medan Damansara adding yet another colourful inclusion to the diversity of fares at this treasure trove. Under the skilful hands of Chef Oreo whose previous stint stretches back to Coco Tei and Hajime, Haru Japanese Restaurant set itself apart from other Japanese restaurants by featuring its Omakase-style dining concept where customers entrust a sushi chef to tailor a menu using the highest quality ingredients available that day.


Inspired by the word ‘springtime’ in Japanese language, Haru has significant meaning in Korean as well which carries the meaning ‘day by day’. “Haru also translates to ‘heart-warming’ or ‘affectionate’ in Malay language,” Pearly said.


Overseeing the daily operation at Haru Japanese Restaurant, Pearly mentioned that the restaurant is highlighting its Omakase concept which starts from RM 180.00 for an eight course meal. “In layman’s term, Omakase means ‘just hit me with a meal’ where the entire session is likened to an artistic performance by the chef showcasing his creativity and inventiveness to present a selection of dishes using high quality ingredients. Customers have no idea what the chef will prepare. It evokes a feeling of exclusiveness,” she quipped.



The work-in-progress menu is already boasting a fine selection of Japanese cuisine despite being in operation for less than a month. The meal started off with Chef Oreo crafting a trio combo consisting of El-Hire (grilled stingray fin – RM 23.00), Amera Tomato (RM 16.00) and Tofo Ikura with Salmon (seasonal). The sting ray fin was grilled till golden brown with a satisfying chewy texture and taste. The Amera Tomato was garden-fresh and gave a lively and contrasting flavour when consumed with a tinged of sea salt.


The highlight was undeniably the Tofu Ikura with Salmon, presented articulately with a slice of salmon meat slathered on the delicate tofu and topped with spherical reddish-orange salmon roe. Once consumed, the little capsules will pop in the mouth, releasing their briny goodness across the palate to compliment the simple elegance of the fresh raw salmon.


Chef Oreo creativity flair extends to the gorgeously simple Kelp with Daikon (RM 10.00) where pickled flavoured seaweed intertwined with a piece of torched raddish submerged in ponzu sauce and chilli flakes.


The small and smartly paired dish served as a good appetiser that enliven the palate while waiting for more exquisite offerings from the chef.


Haru Japanese Restaurant Sashimi Platter (RM 120.00) was attractively presented with immaculately cut slabs of fish and a sizeable oyster to complete the parade of fresh-from-the-sea delights.


Be prepared to be rewarded with the finest catch of the day (Otoro, Salmon Belly, Scallop-Hotate, Shima Aji, Maguro Akami) that are air-flown weekly. The restaurant certainly did not skimp on quality as the cuts were thick with a plump and fleshy texture from an assuredly premium grade selection.



The Salmon Kinoko Butter Yaki (RM 28.00) came with a perfectly grilled piece of salmon accompanied with flavoured Shimeji mushrooms. The texture was moist, suggestively sweet and irresistibly savoury at the same time with a buttery richness that is hard to describe and even harder to resist.


Haru Japanese Restaurant is not all about fresh cuts and sushi as the slurp-worthy Inaniwa Udon (RM 28.00) was equally satisfying. The inclusion of a piece of soft-textured and mildly flavoured Gindara (cod fish) was a welcome change to the typical udon that we normally find. The fish was incredibly soft and falls apart easily with the touch of a chopstick.



Haru Japanese Restaurant also offers à la carte menu as well as set lunches which will differ from time to time to give their customers a sense of variety. Overall, Haru Japanese Restaurant is a gastronomical gift to this part of the town and will definitely be a choice for those seeking for an oasis of a great omakase meal and other delectable offerings. Highly recommended.


Haru Japanese Restaurant
No. 124A, Jalan Kasah
Medan Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours: 12:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. / 6:00 p.m. – 10:15 p.m. (Closed on Mondays)

Tel: 03-2011 8783

Email: enquiries@haru.my

Website: http://www.haru.my

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