#TSDayOut – Slackline KL

Yesterday, Tourism Selangor organised yet another edition of #TSDayOut. The event was a special collaboration between the recently concluded #TSBreakAway and #TSDayOut as Juan, one of the participants for the #TSBreakAway did a coverage on Slackline KL during her trail assignment. Similar to tightrope walking, slackline is a sport where a person balances on a line that is tensioned between two anchors points.

1. Slacklining equipment were brought in to Gua Damai Extreme Park in the morning to setup the lines or what is termed as ‘webbing’.


2. Helena Foo, founder of Slackline KL was seen talking to her crew, Calvin during the setup process.


3. Slackline KL advocates safe slacklining and uses only recommend specific products for their setup.


4. To protect the trees from getting any form of abrasion, Slackline KL uses a thick layer of mat to eliminate the friction as well as to redistributing the load from the high tension line to a wider area.


5.  A specially made ratchet was used to adjust the tension of the line. Different tension will affect how the slacklining tricks are performed.


6. A frog was spotted resting on a tree root where a webbing was set up.


7. #TSDayOut participants were required to register their names before the event begins.


8. Hakimi, one of the crew members of Slackline KL was adjusting the steel carabiner before secruring the webbing together.


9. Helena Foo was giving a briefing about slacklining to all the #TSDayOut participants.


10. Slacklining is all about balancing the body weight while walking along the webbing. According to Helena, the trick to balancing oneself on the line is to align the feet with the same direction as the line.


11. Some of the pictures taken of the #TSDayOut participants as they attempted to walk on the line.




12. During the first few rounds, Helena recommended the #TSDayOut participants to group in pairs so that one can provide support by holding the other person’s hand while walking on the line.


 13. Although it looked easy, balancing oneself on a tension line is very tricky. As they slowly walk on the webbing, they need to focus on a point in front of them to keep their body balanced.


14. A more advance form of slacklining is known as ‘Tricklining’. A lot of different tricks can be performed on the webbing such as walking backwards, drop knee, chest bounce and jumping.


15. #TSDayOut crew members were sharing some lighter moments during the event.


16. Falling is part of slacklining and according to Helena, one can successfully balance on the line after ten to fifteen minutes of attempt.


17. Khai was seen trying to get his foot onto the webbing on his first few attempts.


18. A #TSDayOut participant was making good progress in maintaining his balance on the line.


 19. Emily was helping a young kid to balance himself on the webbing.


20. Slackline KL crew members were observing the participants as they try to balance themselves.


21. A close up shot of a #TSDayOut crew member as she tried to walk on the webbing.


22. Helena was giving out her name cards to #TSDayOut participants who are interested to take up slackline. As the slacklining community is still small, she is constantly spreading awareness about this sport.


23. As usual, #TSDayOut participants were required to submit their best five photos for the photo competition.





24. Fazly Razally, Manager of Events, Marketing and IT for Tourism Selangor was giving a speech during the prize giving ceremony.


25. A group shot of all the #TSDayOut participants.


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