Dongchuan Red Land @ Kunming, China

Dubbed as the most beautiful red earth sceneries in the world, Dongchuan Red Land is a heaven for landscape photographers. Despite the lack of time to do any proper research prior to my trip to Kunming, I was instantly drawn to the scenic pictures on the Internet when I casually Googled about the place.



Dongchuan Red Land is located 40km southwest of Kunming City. The trip to this unique red land took an approximate three hours journey from the city of Kunming rewarding travellers with a view of the idyllic country side resting on the quieter side of Yunan province.


As our guide drove along the windy roads, I was at awe with the colourful landscape. I still remember barely uttering the word ‘Wow’ as my eyes gazed upon the endless red lands filled with green vegetable plots across the horizon. It is a place that can both marvel and stun a person at the same time. “Is there really such a beautiful place on earth?”, I asked.


The temperature gradually became colder as we made our way up to this unique local landscape. Be prepare to wear appropriate attire as the weather will become ruthlessly cold in the night. I was literally shivering throughout the entire night when I stayed at one of the local village apartment, making my sleep rather uncomfortable.


Despite the unbearable icy cold night, Dongchuan Red Land did not disappoint me at all. Unlike Yunan Stone Forest and Jiuxiang which are both heavily commercialised, the famed red land was relatively untouched.



There were pockets of tourists, mainly photographers who are there to capture the marvel of nature but their presence was never intrusive nor make one feel that the place is overcrowded with people.


I read somewhere that Dongchuan Red Land is described by the locals as having a paint dropped on it from heaven, hence its moniker ‘God’s Palette’. It was indeed an amazing spectacle to witness such a dreamlike landscape. Dongchuan Red Land ranks one of the most beautiful place that I have ever visited. For more information about Dongchuan Red Land, click here.





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