Green House Restaurant @ Jalan Burma

Hokkien Mee or more commonly known as Har Mee outside Penang is another dish that is often tagged with the word ‘Penang’. This is because the dish originates from Penang and hence the common term ‘Penang Prawn Mee’. Green House Restaurant which is located along Jalan Burma seems to be a popular place as far as Hokkien Mee is concern. After enduring long queues in most popular eateries in Penang, I decided to beat the crowd by dropping by earlier at this restaurant.

True enough, I was probably the first to arrive (although there were already a handful of customers ordering from other stalls). At around 7:30 p.m. the old man whom I presume to be owner started setting up his stall and I quickly asked if I can order. He told me to come back again at 8 p.m. as the food wasn’t ready.

By that time, there were already numerous customers sitting at the restaurant sipping their drinks while waiting for the stall to receive orders. After waiting for around one hour since I arrived, I finally get a chance to order a big bowl of Prawn Mee. The unique thing about this stall is that you can have the option to ‘kah liu’ or add extra ingredients such as roast pork, pork ribs, fish balls, meat balls, braised egg, Chinese sausage, chicken feet, shrimps, pork intestines and pork skin at additional charge ranging from RM 1.00 to RM 2.00 each. I opted for extra shrimps, meat balls, vegetables and egg. In the end, my bowl of Prawn Mee came up to RM 9.00.

So how does it fare? Honestly, it was okaylah although I was expecting to be bowled over by a bowl of spicy, strong prawn flavour soup.

Instead, it turned out that the taste was just how a bowl of prawn mee should taste like.

Just to be sure, I mixed the entire spoonful of chilli paste to get the extra kick.

The soup was slightly more sweeter than how I would prefer it to be.

Probably, the long wait has increased my expectations and I was really looking forward to something great. At the end of the day, the Prawn Mee at Green House restaurant is serviceable.

Green House Restaurant
223 Burma Road
10050 Georgetown
Pulau Pinang

Location Map

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