Charlie Brown Cafe @ Straits Quay

I grew up in the mid 70’s reading comics just like any other kids during the era. And one of the popular comic strip I remember reading on the New Straits Times newspaper is the Peanut comic strip which features Charlie Brown and his more popular pet dog, Snoopy. Hence, when I stepped into the recently opened Charlie Brown Cafe located at the swanky Straits Quay retail marina, I can’t help but to reminiscence my childhood memories.


Make no mistake. The cafe definitely scores high marks in terms of its ambiance. Filled with memorabilia and toys at every corner (and ceiling) of the cafe, the entire place reminds me of a theme park, albeit in a much smaller scale.


Nevertheless, fans of Snoopy can will certainly awe at the sights of their favourite cartoon character in many shapes and sizes. Photographs are only allowed for dine in customers which I presume is due to passerby casually taking photos without ordering any food.


Putting colourful decors aside, I read some not so good review about this cafe mainly criticising it’s mediocre food. Hence, my expectations wasn’t that high when I ordered their Tiramisu Cake (RM 12.00) and Hot Chocolate (RM 10.50) drink. Both the food and drink do look adorably cute though. The top surface was sprinkled with cocoa powder outlining the Peanuts characters.


To my surprise, the Tiramisu cake tasted pretty decent. Maybe I was just lucky that day, but it no where as as bad as how other food blogs wrote. It wasn’t overly sweet and the texture was soft and fresh.


The Hot Chocolate was equally alright just like how a cup of hot chocolate should taste like. The only problem was taking the first sip as you would be cautious not to ruin the character.


I didn’t get a chance to try the rest of the food so I can’t say if they are good or not. But based on my short visit there, the Tiramisu Cake and Hot Chocolate didn’t disappoint me. Having to say that, I guess most people would visit this cafe just to enjoy sitting inside a cartoon themed cafe.


Here are some of the other shots taken.







Charlie Brown Cafe
3A-1-17 & 3A-1-18,
Straits Quay Marina Mall,
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang 3,
10470 Tanjong Bungah, Penang
Tel: 04-899 8602 ‎

Business Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.



Location Map



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