Apom Telor @ Jalan Madrasah

While having my breakfast at Bamboo Kafe, I walked outside the coffee shop and spotted a stall selling Apom Telor. A quick chat with the Indian man who is operating this stall reveals that he has been selling Apom Telor for the past 18 years.

The unique thing about the stall is that the Apom is prepared using traditional method ala claypot heated with charcoals. The process while seemingly a simple task actually requires a skillful person to control the fire and making sure that thin layer of Apom is not overly cooked.

Generous amount of eggs are used together with sugar as sweetener.

The batter is then stirred before pouring into the claypot to cook.

While still hot, the Apom is folded before serving to the customers. Each Apom costs 60 cents.

While taking pictures at the stall, I noticed a steady stream of customers ordering Apom Telor from this Indian man. A testament of how good the Apom tastes.

The stall is easily located just outside Bamboo Kafe at Jalan Jelutong. Read my previous post to find out more.

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