Restoran Aunty Lee @ Melaka

When it comes to food, Melaka is no stranger with its abundance of good Peranakan food around. Most of us would tend to eat at Jonker Street since it is the most popular area in Melaka. However, ask any locals and they will steer as far away as possible from the aforementioned street. Besides being too commercialize, food is also not cheap there. That leaves us a question… Where do we find authentic Nyonya food in Melaka? Auntie Lee’s Restaurant reputedly serves the best Peranakan style food in Melaka. Located at Jalan Ujong Pasir, it is situated far from the city center so most of us wouldn’t know about its existence unless being escorted by a local guide.

Apparently the restaurant is so popular that advance booking is a must. What’s more, with only seven tables it hard to secure a seat without prior reservation. Also, Restoran Aunty Lee does not score high in terms of ambiance but for what it is lack of, the food made the trip worthwhile. Here are the list of food that we had.

Mutton Curry (RM 14.00 – Small / RM 20.00 – Big)


Omelette with Cincalok (RM 11.00 – Small / RM 16.00 – Medium / RM 21.00 – Big)

Chicken Pong Teh (RM 12.00 – Small / RM 20.00 – Medium / RM 28.00 – Big)

Bendih Ulam (RM 10.00 – Small / RM 13.00 – Medium / RM 16.00 – Big)

Sambal Sotong (RM 18.00 – Small / Rm 23.00 – Medium / RM 28.00 – Big)

Taucho (RM 9.00 – Small / RM 12.00 – Medium / RM 15.00 – Big)

Sambal Kangkong (RM 10.00 – Small / RM 12.00 – Medium / RM 15.00 – Big)

Udang Lemak Nenas (Market Price)

Overall, I find the food to be tasty, delicious and fresh. Book in advance if you wish to have a taste of truly authentic Nyonya delights.

Restoran Aunty Lee
No. 385 Jalan Ujong Pasir
75050 Melaka
Tel: 06-2831009

Location Map

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