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Over the recent years, Sri Petaling has become a food hub with a myriad of restaurants and cafe mushrooming at the new commercial area next to The Store. Capitalizing on the popularity of this area among food lovers, Restaurant Herbs & Spices has opened its door early last year to cater the crowd by serving both western cuisines and local favourites.

The restaurant is spearheaded by Mr. Yeo who is the Director of this establishment. Together with a group of talented chefs who have honed their culinary skills over the years by working in hotels, restaurants and golf clubs, Herbs & Spices has garnered a steady amount of regular customers over the months.

We were treated with their signature Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM 15.90) which was prepared using traditional Hainanese recipe.

The chicken skin was crispy as a result of frying it till golden brown. The meat was tender and the brown sauce which has green peas and onions complimented the dish very well.

The Sirloin Steak (RM 26.50) was served with mushroom sauce, French fries and vegetables.

The highlight of the dish was the steak, of course and it didn’t disappoint at all. The outer layer was char grilled while the inner part was tender.

Next came the Black Pepper Chicken Chop (RM 15.90) which was served with freshly made black pepper sauce, French fries and coleslaw. The chicken thigh was very flavoursome as a result of marinating it with seasoning ingredients.

Although we were already full to the brim, the Mixed Grill (RM 29.50) looked so appetizing and tasted good as well.

For those who have a hearty appetite, the platter would suit the bill nicely as it comes with a portion of grilled lamb shoulder, grilled chicken chop, fish fillet, jumbo sausage, three prawns with a side of potato salad. It was also value for money considering the generous portion of meat that goes into the platter.

The Braised Lamb Shank (RM 26.50) has a slightly gamey taste but that is normal for a dish like this.

The meat was very soft and easy to chew. I was told that the meat was cooked with rich herb gravy.

The Grilled Rib Eye Steak (RM 28.80) was also very good.

The meat was well marinated and grilled with a hint of smoky taste.

After tasting so many heavy food, the Grilled Salmon (RM19.00) was a welcome change as it was lightly seasoned and came with tartar sauce, vegetables and fries.

I was happy to learn that Restaurant Herbs & Spices offers authentic Kelantanese cuisines which is a good thing as there are not many restaurants in Klang Valley that serves authentic Kelantan food. When I tasted their Nasi Dagang Ayam Goreng (RM 12.90), memories of my journey to Kelantan many months ago instantly came back as the smell of the aromatic brown rice cooked with thick coconut milk whiff into my nose. The Ayam Rempah was nicely fried with herbs and spices.

They also offer the Beef Rendang version (RM 12.00) and Ikan Tongkol (RM 9.50) that taste similar to the ones in Kelantan.

What really bowled me over was their Curry Fish Head (price based on weight). This has to be the BEST curry fish head I had tasted so far.

Not only was the gravy thick, it packed a real punch with the aromatic curry flavour. Apparently, they used a special type of fish called Ling fish-head that are imported from New Zealand to cook the curry with. It was so good that I wanted to lick every single drop of the gravy from the plate. Lol!

Surprisingly, the Mee Mamak (RM 9.50) was my other favourite dish on that day. Although it was cooked with the usual black soya sauce, vegetables and bean curd, it was really tasty.

The noodle did not have any taste of alkaline water which was a plus point.

As for dessert, we were pampered with Sago Melaka (RM 4.00) which has a rich taste of santan and Gula Melaka. Apparently, Restaurant Herbs & Spices uses a different type of Gula Melaka known as Gula Manisan from Kelantan.

We also tasted the Apple Pie Ala Mode (RM 8.00) which has a soft crust and tasty apple fillings.

The Cream Caramel (RM 5.00) offers an interesting combination of mixed fruits and nata de coco.

And finally, the English Trifle (RM 6.50) concluded the food review session with a layers of biscuits topped with cream and maraschino cherry.

After having such a hearty meal, I must say that Restaurant Herbs & Spices stands out among the crowded eateries at Sri Petaling. The food were not only tasty but very affordable as well. With a combination of fresh ingredients and experience chefs, Restaurant Herbs & Spices is easily one of the better places to dine around this area.

Restaurant Herbs & Spices KL
51, Jalan Radin Bagus
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-9057 5592

Business Hours: Daily From 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.


email: /

Note: Restaurant Herbs & Spices is a pork-free restaurant

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