Restoran New Tea House @ Raub

After having a hearty meal at the famous Bentong Chee Cheong Fun stall, we journeyed up north, around 33km to Raub. From what I understand, Raub used to be a gold mining settlement back in the early 20th century. Today, it is an idyllic town which enjoys a healthy amount of tourists coming in on the weekend and long holiday stretch to enjoy some of their famous local delicacies.

Initially, we were supposed to stop by Restoran Ratha which is famous for their curry fish head. But somehow, an old pre-war shop house caught our attention with flocks of people having their afternoon tea there. As the saying goes, when there is good food, there are people around. Taking this into consideration, we stepped into this charming old coffee shop and the first thing we noticed were the numerous pictures of their pastries that adorn the wall. There were also some newspaper articles that were hung alongside with the aforementioned pictures which is a testament of its popularity.

Apparently, Restoran New Tea House is a populary eatery place for freshly baked pastries from the oven.

We ordered an assortment of stuff, ranging from their Siew Pau, curry puff and coconut tart.

The Siew Pau didn’t bowl me over although I notice that the skin has a nice flaky texture to it. The fillings where drier than how I usually prefer it to be but it was certainly fresh from the oven.

The coconut tart however was truly out of this world. I simply love the coconut fillings. It has the right amount of sweetness and coconut flakes which give an interesting texture to bite on. It was really good and I would recommend anyone going to this place to try these tarts.

Too bad I couldn’t try the curry puff as my stomach was already full that day. It has a different shape as compared to the ones in KL. I heard that the coffee shop is famous for its kaya puffs which takes a similar shape as their curry puffs.

Apart from the pastries, they also sell Chee Cheong Fun and Toast Bread.

Judging from the amount of people ordering those two items, I would assume that they must be tasty too. If you happen to be at Raub town, do give this place a try.

Restoran New Tea House    
No. 28, Jalan Dato Abdullah
27600 Pahang

Location Map



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