Nasi Tumpang & Nasi Dagang @ Kelantan

Food is synonymous with the Kelantan state where delicious local cuisines can be found at many places. One of their local specialty is Nasi Tumpang which apparently got its name from the old days when the rice was packed in a conical shape using banana leaf for ease of travelling. When I was told that there is a shop along Jalan Kuala Kerai which sells the most delicious Nasi Tumpang, I know it has to be good.

Although the shop is located along the main road just opposite of the huge Toyota car showroom, it was so inconspicuous that I wouldn’t even give it a second look if it wasn’t for my in-law who pointed the place out to me. Nasi Tumpang comes in four ‘layers’ of ingredients, namely the fried egg, chicken floss and curry fish and sambal prawn. As I mentioned, all these ingredients are skillfully wrapped in a banana leaf and it was a sight to feast once the leaf was opened. I can’t began to even describe how awesome this seemingly simple food tasted that day.

Another version of this conical shaped rice is Nasi Berlauk. Inside, there is a sizable chunk of Ikan Tenggiri mixed with aromatic curry. It is said that a breakfast meal in Kelantan wouldn’t be complete without having Nasi Berlauk.

Nasi Dagang which is considered the most popular rice in Kelantan is another must have meal at this shop. Cooked with a combination of white rice and brown glutinuous rice, it is easy to identify it from the texture of the rice.

Yes it does look messy here but trust me, this is a meal that is not to be missed. The curry is full of flavour and every bite was heavenly! There was a rich flavour of coconut milk mixed with traditional Malay spices which made this meal truly unforgettable.

Apart from the rice, I would also recommend their half boiled egg. While everyone have their preference of how half boiled egg should be done, I can safely say that this shop offers a very decent version of it.

I guess the soya sauce does play a part as the sauce is sweeter than the one in Kuala Lumpur.

The meal came up to RM 26.50 for five pople which is very cheap. I do not know the name of this shop since there is no visible signboard but it is easily spotted with its green exterior walls from afar.

Highly recommended.

Jalan Kuala Krai
18000 Kota Bharu

(Opposite Toyota Car showroom)

Location Map



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