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One of the most unique aspect about Kelantanese food is their traditional pudding known as ‘Kuih Akok’. Made from eggs, flour, coconut milk and palm sugar, Kuih Akok is baked using a special brass mould resulting in a sponge-like appearance.

Because of its popularity, traditional Kuih Akok sellers are commonly seen along the street side. Tradtionally, Kuih Akok is made using a makeshift oven consisting of just pieces of bricks and fire from coconut husk. Hence, it is not surprising to find stacks of coconut husks at these stalls along the roads. Another way of baking Kuih Akok is using charcoal. During the recent Chinese New Year trip, I was lucky enough to witness first hand on how these delicious pudding is made.

It is commonly believe that charcoal in baking Kuih Akok produces a special aroma and taste that cannot be replicated using modern equipment.

The process is quite labourous as the seller needs to ensure that the heat emmited from the charcoal is consistent enough to bake the batter from the bottom mould while looking after another metal plate filled with charcoal that produces heat on the top portion as well. As the heat from charcoal varies from time to time, the seller will have to keep taking the top plate off to check on the colours of the pudding which indicates whether it is sufficiently cooked.

As far as I know, the best Kuih Akok is found at Jalan Merbau in Kota Bahru. The family owned business is a well known place for those looking to order huge amount of Kuih Akok during festive season.

Unlike the traditional method of cooking, this place uses a conventional baking oven to cater to the huge demand. Other than that, the same process applies whereby the batter are poured onto the special mould for baking.

It is often said that the secret of making good Kuih Akok is very much dependant on the quantity of its ingredients used. Apart from a generous dose of sugar, Kuih Akok requires an enormous amount of eggs. I was told that to produce 100 pieces of Kuih Akok requires 35 eggs.

It is not hard to imagine why it is such a popular item in Kelantan. It has a soft and wobbly texture with a uniquely sweet taste as a result of combination eggs and ‘gula melaka. For RM 2 for four pieces, it is still reasonably affordable.

For a Kelatanese, this delicacy is not to be missed. It is interesting to note that this place is also equally famous for its Murtabak Raja.

Yie Murtabak Raja
S/4, No. 9, Jalan Merbau
15300 Kota Bahru

Tel: 012-949 7907 / 019-916 8278
Email: redwarrior11@live.com

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