Kak Ja Nasi Kukus Sri Paloh @ Kelantan

Sometimes eating outside so often can result in my taste bud turning ‘jaded’ with the food that I consume. That is when I start to wonder if there is any food that is worthy of ‘highly recommended’ tag by yours truly. Thankfully, the awesome nasi kukus along Jalan Baru near to Kampung Pauh Kubor warrant a worthy two thumbs up. Simply put, it was the BEST curry rice I had tried so far.

Don’t expect a classy ambiance though as this stall is located at the road side just like so many other eateries around Kelantan town. I would never have discovered this place if it wasn’t for my in-laws who kept singing praises about it.

The mutton curry is a must try dish there. The curry has so much taste to it and I actually requested the owner to give me another plate so that I can ‘banjir’ or flood my rice with the delicious gravy.

The meat was soft and tender without the usual mutton smell. Another plus point is that the curry is not spicy at all.

The fried kampung chicken was also very good. Although the chicken wasn’t meaty (kampung chicken or village bred chicken doesn’t use any growth stimulants), the taste was just spot on. I was surprise that the meat wasn’t tough at all which is a common trait for kampung chicken. Word of advice. If you want the meaty portion of this fried chicken, go early to get the widest variety of chicken parts to choose from.

It is interesting to note that the steam rice and the assorted dishes are served in nasi bungkus (paper packed) style even if you are dining in.

Therefore, it is advisable to go to the food counter and order the dishes so that the owner can ‘bungkus’ everything for you to eat.

Apart from chicken and mutton, Kak Ja also serves daging or beef which is constantly heated up in a metal pot. I didn’t manage to taste this though although it smells really good.

Ikan goreng was crispy and will certainly be a nice addition if not for my stomach feeling full that day.

The two enterprising (and friendly) owners who operate this stall.

Suffice to say, a trip to Kelantan wouldn’t be complete without stopping by Kak Ja Nasi Kukus for breakfast. Price wise, the total bill was RM 80 for 10 people. Bear in mind that each person ordered a minimal of two variety of meat together with drinks. Highly recommended.

Kak Ja Nasi Kukus Sri Paloh
Jalan Baru
16210 Tumpat

Tel: 013-943 6146 / 017-913 8318

Location Map


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