Food Trip #4: Sitiawan Cheong Cia Gong Pian @ Sitiawan

After enjoying a nice meal at Ah Chai Rojak, it was time to say goodbye to Teluk Intan. My next stop was Sitiawan town which is located 55km west from Teluk Intan. Thanks to another excellent write up by Motormouth from Ipoh, I came across this famous Gong Pian (Dry Biscuit) coffee shop situated just behind Wisma Ganda. Apparently, a trip to Sitiawan won’t be complete without trying this snack which is freshly prepared using a special stone-like oven.

Due to its popularity, business was certainly good. I managed to arrive on time to purchase three Gong Pian (RM 0.80 each) before the snacks were sold out in no time at all. Due to my limited knowledge in Chinese dialect, I just indicated to the uncle who was manning the stall that I wanted three pieces of Gong Pian. I didn’t even know that I was ordering the chopped onion version until I found out later that Cheong Cia offers two types of Gong Pian namely char siew and the aforementioned.

Thankfully, I managed to get a seat at the coffee shop next door (there are no tables or chairs at Cheong Cia to enjoy your meal) and took some pictures of this snack. Looks can be deceiving and the three pieces of Gong Pian didn’t look tasty. It does however, smell good with a whiff of freshly baked biscuit though. Inside, I was also rather disappointed to find nothing except for a few noticeable pieces of loose chopped onions falling onto the plastic plate.

But taste wise, it was really good. Although the texture was hard and took a bit of effort to chew onto the biscuit, the taste was uniquely addictive.

Bear in mind I had a whole lot of food prior to this but the snack was appetizing enough for me to eat three pieces at one go. I read that the biscuit must be eaten fresh, otherwise it would not taste the same anymore. For RM 0.80 per piece, it is still relatively cheap. You won’t go wrong if you order the freshly baked Gong Pian and eat it on the spot.

Sitiawan Cheong Cia Gong Pian (Behind Wisma Ganda)
No. 12, Jalan Tok Perdana
32000 Sitiawan

Tel: 019-558 9228

Business Hours: 9.30am-5:00pm

Location Map

Here is the summary of all the places I have been in my food trip so far.

Ah Chai Rojak

Gerai Soya Bean Jalan Maharani

Pun Chun Chicken Biscuit & Restaurant


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