Food Trip #3: Ah Chai Rojak @ Teluk Intan

When I first set foot on Teluk Intan there were two things that I wanted to try. First was the famous Gerai Soya Bean Jalan Maharani that I had blogged about earlier on. The second was Ah Chai Rojak which every locals who reside in Teluk Intan would be familar with. Hence, it wasn’t hard for me to find this stall at all. As a matter of fact, it took me a mere five minutes to walk to Ah Chai Rojak stall from Gerai Soya Bean Jalan Maharani.

From the outlook, the stall didn’t appear to be anything special. Situated right next to the big longkang (drain), I felt rather skeptical with its credibility as it was situated right under a wooden shack. But once I walked nearer, it was pretty apparent that this stall has garnered a lot of fame through numerous newspapers articles featuring their famous rojak.

At RM 4.00 per plate, the first thing that struck me was the liberal amount of crushed peanuts trickled onto the rojak. This helped to give an interesting mixture of crunchy and soft texture when it is combined with raw mango, pineapple and bean sprout.

The rojak also came with thick dark brown sauce. The sauce was spicy and tasted quite different from the ones in Kuala Lumpur.

One of my most favourite ingredient in fruit rojak is the fried keropok (Prawn Crackers). Ah Chai Rojak certainly did not disappoint me in this aspect. The crackers served was bigger and thicker as compared to the ones I normally ate. In fact, I reckon that their keropok is one of the highlight in this delicious meal.

Their soft squid was another ingredient that I loved. It was certainly fresh and has a good texture. I wished they would have put more squids in there but that would also mean that I have to pay for the extra portion.

After finishing my meal, it wasn’t hard to understand why Ah Chai Rojak is so good. The sauce was thick, flavoursome albeit spicy enough to leave me looking for a glass of icy cold drink. The ingredients were fresh and I simply love the fried prawn crackers and squid. While some may prefer the more ‘potent taste of Penang rojak, I feel that Ah Chai’s rojak has its own merit for being one of the top fruit rojak I had tasted so far.

The stall is now run by the two brothers. Apparently, their father has passed away and they have been managing it since.

Look out for this stall when you are in Teluk Intan

 Rojak Ah Chai
Jalan Woo Saik Hong
36000 Teluk Intan

Tel: 012-462 1782

Opening hours: 10:30 a.m. till 5 p.m. daily (Closed on alternate Wednesday / Thursday)

Location Map


Here is the summary of all the places I have been in my food trip so far.

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